Surround yourself with meaningful things like art and decor.

What do you see when you wake up in the morning? Does it brighten your day? Does it put a smile in your heart? Does it inspire you? Does it lift your spirits? I asked my manicurist once, " When are you going on vacation?" To my surprise he shifted my life by responding "I go on vacation every night when I walk out this door." Wow! How liberating and freeing! How our thoughts can be transformed by how we look at things.

Did you know that what you surround yourself with at work, at home, at everywhere has an impact on your internal happiness, peace, success and joy. When you wake up what you see and think sets the tone of your day?

Do you know that colors and art you surround yourself with impacts your mind and manifests things? Things like love?

Have you ever considered your pets to be living art? Take a look at them sleeping. I call my kitties my black accents. Our pets add so much love and beauty to our decor. Adding a thoughtfully chosen super beautiful comfy bed for them to sleep on that compliments the decor actually impacts your internal joy as much as theirs.

The little things are the ones that silently and consistently bring the greatest joy. Things such as a genuine smile, an unexpected card or a sleeping cat or dog on a beautiful bed lovingly displayed.

Thoughts that promote goodness, peace and joy are precious. Consider them when choosing your next pet bed.

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