The benefits of custom pet stairs.

Not all dogs and cats needs are alike nor are the stairs that help them get close to you are alike.

Some 10 lb dogs have tiny legs while others 10lb dogs legs are long. Some cats and dogs fear heights or need longer deeper steps to plod up because they are old while others may need room to pass each other if one is going up while other other pet is coming down.

Some need a platform to turn on while others need a little extra width to feel safe.

Not all pet stairs are alike. What you can not see is just as important as what you can see.

We are living in an age of planned obsolescence. I first learned about this while studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design. Most fabrics are only supposed to last 8-10 washings. Manufacturers do things to the fabrics to keep you throwing things away so you will buy more and often.

This contradicts my governing value which is "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well." This also made me a hawk at picking excellent fabrics for everything I use personally such as clothing as well as what I use to make things for you. When I make my little bon bons they are released with love meant to be enjoyed for many years. In fact our average client is a client for life and buys every 5-7 years now.

Sadly many manufactures do things to fabrics to speed up time to turn your treasure in to fast trash. Hidden are many things. Things such as short staple fibers used when making the thread that is woven into the warp or weft of the fabric. Not twisting the thread very tight so it falls apart. Not combing the threads well. Putting finishes on the fabric to fake that it is a good fabric. Loosely weaving fabric so it snags like crazy and looks terrible fast. To name a few.

Also there are many choices of foam out there. There are foams that deteriorate fast and others that last a long time. There are foams that crumbles after a few uses and others that stand the test of time and stay firm.

Construction too can speed or lengthen an items life. Seams that are unfinished and raw inside fray into birds nests fall apart after the first washing. Inside, if made well, looks finished and beautiful.

It takes wisdom and training to choose fabrics that last decades. It takes love and caring to invest in high performance materials such as fabrics, foams and stuffing. It take patience and caring to keep improving things to add value.

So these are the things to consider when shopping for the perfect pet stairs to protect your pet and help you relax and sleep through the night. Nothing is better than complimenting your decor and keeping your pets safe.

  • What is the size of the floor space?

  • How high is the bed? sofa or other thing you want your baby to reach?

  • How long are your pets legs?

  • How heavy is your pet?

  • How many years will your pet live?

  • Can you have a new cover made when you change your decor?

  • How heavy are the stairs?

  • What are all the needs on you and your pets wish list?

  • How often will you need to clean the cover?

  • Will it be pee-ed on and would a waterproof base be more practical.

You do not have to settle with a get by eye sore. You can truly have everything you want, need and even be joyful!

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