"My mobile groomer walked into my home, one day, and exclaimed...."that is SOME bed". I said, thank you and beamed with pride. Well, that was about 7 years ago, or, so. I noticed recently the bed had been used so much, a small hole had started to wear through the fur cover. I thought, wow, what extraordinary quality. As, so many beds haven't lasted me long and I have paid plenty for poor quality. So, I contacted you for the cover. Low and behold, you are an inspiration to me and polishing me with love and splendor. Thank you. " Suzi Miller Jan 2016

OMG.........They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented!!!  

Bella absolutely loves them!!!!  They match my home beautifully.  You are truely amazing!!!!!  Thank YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!!!  Nancy H.

"I told her that you were awesome...and how you have gone out to make something just for her.

She thinks you are over the top with Greatness!  I agree....you're smokin !"  John C.

"For the first time I had to wake my dog up! She slept later than me in fact till 8am. She usually would start cattle prodding me to get up at 5am. Thank you! She loves her bed!"Tim Miller


"I got the exquisite cover today and the lovely card, thank you  I love it "  Susan H


"Love your products."  Leah


I've stumbled across your website and I must say you have Very beautiful pet stairs. Tiffany D

Luxury, extravagance, frill... these are the words that come to mind when I see my shabby chic
dog beds. Part of the definition of luxury is: Sumptuous living or surroundings. Precisely my point.
A dog bed is a piece of furniture after all so it should not only be of defined quality, but have
character all its own. Decadent Digs knows how to bring personality into every bed they design
and when you add a splash of class you have a piece to behold. I have 2 at the moment and am
thinking of what to order for our bedroom now as well. You may think I’m obsessed and I may
have to agree, but if you knew I what I know you might like to join me.

Thank you for keeping us stylish,                                            The Pruitt family


I received the bed yesterday and it is so beautiful and I am in awe! It is so regal and elegant looking
and I love the heart in the middle,and the shape! You are truly talented and thank you for the time
and love you put into what you do!  Hope things are going well! Let's try to talk soon. Fondly, Mary Kay


"By the way I forgot to mention I LOVE your products! They are so beautiful!" Trudy S


"Just wanted to let you know how beautiful the leopard steps look in our house, and Madison used
them right away last evening! She seemed most appreciative of them. It was interesting, all the
other cats and dogs were sniffing them because it was something new. But Madison, for whom
they were intended, didn’t sniff or take special notice of them being new and different, she just
immediately ran up them as if she was awaiting them. (I had told her they were coming). Animals
are interesting…." Joan G

“Ever since I bought the first bed for my vizsla he stopped getting on our bed! I love your stuff!
We have almost your entire collection." Melyna

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